Comprehensive Customer Service and Support

Turnkey services will stay hand-in-hand with our machines supporting your production improvement to the utmost extent.

2 engineer discussing about the pouch packing machine's customization

Individual Customization

Different factories or businesses ask for particular bag packaging machines due to diversified manufacturing needs and production capacity. Qualipak provides a wide array of equipment custom options meeting your specific requirements, which are backed up by solid experience and mature technology.

  • Package sample made by your bespoke roll stock film and filling contents.
  • Suited working speed (BPM) ensured by precise and custom debugging.
  • Customized automation level in accordance with your existing production.
  • Machinery appearance with personalized labels and branded printing.

Start to consult our engineers​ and customize your bagging equipment, with only ONE unit of minimum order quantity!

an engineer holding a spanner in hands providing technical support

Thorough Technical Support

From pre-sales to after-sales, there is a dedicated sales and engineering team standing behind our pouch packing machines. Your peace of mind and instant problem solving remain our service orientation. With Qualipak, the worry-free web-based or on-site support you are getting along with your equipment includes:

  • Assisting pre-use set-up;
  • Installation and commissioning;
  • Usage and maintenance guidance;
  • Equipment break-down troubleshoot;
  • Machine optimization support.

In case you encounter any issues with the machinery, we are highly committed to instant response by video call.

How Our Services Boost Your Success

Get your packaging challenges addressed by our beneficial services, so as to expand your manufacturing or co-packing business.

Rapid Response

Immediate response to your demands of pouch packing machine inquiry, fabrication, inspection, and equipment repair.

Free Consultation

Professional technical consultation on machine selection and use guidance free of charge before and after your order.

First-Time User Support

New-user-friendly machinery services like easy-to-understand instructions, multilingual guides, intuitive videos aids, and extra support​.

Efficient Parts Supply

The prompt supply of standard spare parts in 2 days and custom ones in 1 week ensured by reliable local material resources.

Professional Service

A specialized engineer team with 20+ years of mechanical experience to solve your challenges and speed up your production.

Fast Delivery

To ensure your continuous output and sales, we promise the shortest lead time of 1 week for regular bag packing equipment.

Elevate Your Pouch Packaging Quality and Efficiency