Sachet Packaging

Utilize our reliable sachet packing machines for productive mini pouch packing, continuous pouch sealing, sachet filling and sealing.

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Sachet Bag, Small and Chain Style

Sachets are known for their convenience, as they can be customized into concise styles, including a single four-sided seal pouch or in chain types. Sachet bags easily hold single-dosed powders or liquids for the sample or travel purpose. They are also well received for their carton and deliver friendly feature.

Sachet pouches are also preferred for the food and medical industries because of how they can preserve foodstuff and pills well in a compact and economical bag. Qualipak’s functional equipment is customized to work nicely on this bag type to adapt specific needs like chain bags cuttable in a certain quantity.

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Compact Packet

Continuous small servings for easier sales.

Excellent Seal

Tight thermal sealing to prevent leak or rupture.

Simple Delivery

Flat design ensures simpler transport in bulk.

Materials and Features We Support

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Film Material

Laminated film, laminated paper film, aluminum foil film, most films with thermal sealing features and 4-12C thickness.

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Optional Features

Varied seal incision, continuous pouch sealing, tear notch, micro perforation, laser scoring, as per your requirements.

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