Triangle Pouch Packaging

Especially for snack and tetrahedral tea bag packing, we supply triangle bag packaging machines making tetrahedron bags.

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Triangle Bag, Tetrahedral Style

Compact and attention-grabbing, the triangle bag is suited for your single-serve packaging needs like the tea bag or drip coffee pouch. Besides, it also works well for small servings of products saying small candies or other snacks. And the tetrahedron construction ensures the reliable and stable storage.

The triangle bag stands out in the food industry also because it can hold both liquids, powdery, and granule substances stylishly on all goods racks. Here at Qualipak, our bagger equipment performs optimally to pack items in this bag style.

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Strong Market Appeal

Unique and attractive design on shelves.

Efficient Pouch Form

Tetrahedron for a full brand display on four sides.

Outstanding Versatility

Flexible structures to fit all single-use cases.

Materials and Features We Support

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Film Material

Laminated film, laminated paper film, aluminum foil film, cotton, muslin, with 4-12C (0.04-0.12mm) thickness.

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Optional Features

Varied seal incision, continuous pouch sealing, tear notch, micro perforation, laser scoring, as per your requirements.

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