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Our pouch packaging equipment is built to solve your challenges and boost your business.

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Favorable Price

Competitive local material resources of lower costs allow us to offer a better quote.

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Ease of Use

Easy to understand, operate, modify, and repair due to our modular constructions.

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Great Precision

Comparably higher filling and weighing accuracy with tolerance less than 0.5%.

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High Speed

Generally, 30-80 bags per min, highest up to 200bpm to speed up your productions.

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Complete Coverage

A full range of machines covering most bag forms, film materials, and filling contents.

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First-Rate Components

Industrial leading accessories like OMRON PLC and sensor, FESTO Cylinder, and more.

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Reliable Performance

Rugged body and stable structure to ensure steady running and minimal breakdown.

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Simple Maintenance

Fast bag size changeover, easy cleaning, and simple fixes to save your extra work time.

Customize Your Desired Equipment from One Unit!

Qualipak is reliably supporting manufacturing plants, equipment distributors, and co-packing companies for tailor-made pouch packing solutions.

Industries & Applications

What our machines work for and where they are applied to expand your production capacity.

P01 S05 pic1 1 candy and pouch in the food industry


P01 S05 pic1 2 pistachio nuts and pouch in the food industry


P01 S05 pic1 3 coffee bean and pouch in the food industry

Coffee Bean

P01 S05 pic1 4 chips and pouch in the food industry

Potato Chips

P01 S05 pic1 5 milk in the beverage pouch packing industry


P01 S05 pic1 6 orange juice in the beverage pouch packing industry


an engineer studying the packing machine with solid knowledge

#1 Solid Knowledge Simplifies Your Choice

Qualipak has been in the pouch packing machine manufacturing industry for 10+ years. We keep constant technical research so that we understand and help you to choose well:

  • Pouch styles (sealing types) and sizes determine the main frame and film former to be used;
  • The physical state of packing contents (powder, granule, liquid, solid) decide the weighing system;
  • The packing speed (bag per min) will impact the integrated frame and weighing system;
  • Your automation needs will influence the combination of devices.

Case Study: Yes! The New Powder Packing Machine Improves Results But More Than Expected.

Here's How Our Matcha Customer Achieves High Precision and High-Speed Packing.

What Clients Are Saying about Qualipak

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Simon, Yogurt Plant

"Our Qualipak bagger VFFS-C100 has proven to be a high quality, efficient, steady machine that gives us more production and consistency than we ever anticipated. I would feel quite comfortable in recommending Qualipak Machine."

P01 S08 pic02 2
Peter, Red Star Coffee

"We looked for a design that was simple, extremely rugged, and easy to maintain. That was the VFFS P100! It is simple to operate and easy to maintain. It is built for repeatability without having to babysit the machine."

P01 S08 pic02 3
Sylvia, Bard Coffee & Tea

"The VFFS C100 is a simple machine to run and it is reliable. I just inserted the plug and switch on the power. It started working great! It is an excellent machine that is easily set up to run, much easier than what I thought. Thank you Qualipak."

Elevate Your Pouch Packaging Quality and Efficiency