Pillow Pouch Packaging

Regardless vertical or horizontal pillow pouch product packing, you can rely on our pillow bag packaging machines to fulfill your dream pack.

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Pillow Bag Style

As the fastest growing packaging type in the market, pillow bags are a must-have for any productions. Pillow pouches can be made with up to four layers of eco-friendly films, which grants them great preservation performance. They have one back-center seal, top seal, as well as a bottom seal that will kept the contained products safely packed with less films consumed.

Aside from cost-saving and high-performance features, pillow pouches also provide convenience in use due to their lightweight, easy-to-open, space-saving characterists. These features has made pillow bags essential to most industries and applications, especially for the food and pharmaceutical companies.

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Great Vesatility

Universal bag types to almost all occasions.

Dual Display Options

Presentable both vertically and horizontally on racks.

Less Complex

Easier sealing for machines to handle.

Materials and Features We Support

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Film Material

Laminated film, laminated paper film, aluminum foil film, most films with thermal sealing features and 4-12C thickness.

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Optional Features

Hanging hole, euroslot, carry handle, degassing valve, tear notch, zipper, spout, as per your requirements.

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