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Instant Noodle Packing Machine|Pillow Type Packing Machine

  • instant noodle packaging machine|pillow type noodles packer

    Instant Noodle Packaging Machine|Pillow Type Noodles Packer

    Material: instant noodle,biscuit,cookie,candy,etc. Capacity: 30-250bags/minute,can be adjustable. Loading Port: Qingdao Port. Description: Instant Noodles Packaging Machine is a kind of pillow type packaging machine.This kind of pillow type packaging machine is multi-purpose for packaging instant noodles, noodles, biscuit, ice popsicle, candy, cookie, hardware components etc.

  • pillow type packing machine - instant noodle packaging ...

    Pillow Type Packing Machine - Instant Noodle Packaging ...

    Pillow type packing machine has good packing and sealing,sealing clear,clean,flexible,fast,compact,smooth operating,low noise etc.Can pack instant noodle,candy,biscuit,vegetable,etc. Pillow Type Packing Machine - Instant Noodle Packaging,Biscuit Packing,Candy Packing,Vegetable Packing Machine - Henan GELGOOG Machinery

  • instant noodle packing machine for pillow type

    Instant Noodle Packing Machine For Pillow Type

    Pillow type packaging machine is a kind of continuous packaging machine with strong capacity, and can be suitable for a variety of specifications for food and non food packaging. It not only can be used for the packaging of non - brand packaging materials, but also can use the logo design of the drum material for high-speed packaging.

  • multi pack horizontal flow wrap instant noodle packaging ...

    Multi Pack Horizontal Flow Wrap Instant Noodle Packaging ...

    Instant Noodle Packing Machine Use: This horizontal flow wrap machine can also be used for bread, biscuit, cakes, pastries, wafers, soap, etc. Horizontal Flow Wrap Machine Optional Device: 1. Date printer 2. Blow vent device, round hole device, butterfly hole device. 3. Anti - cutting device, bag device, etc. 4. Automatic inflation device 5.

  • automatic pillow type instant noodle packaging machine ...

    Automatic Pillow Type Instant Noodle Packaging Machine ...

    Automatic pillow type instant noodle packaging machine packing machine 1.Dual frequency conversion control,bag length can be set and cut in one step, saving time and film. 2.Interface features easy and quick setting and operation. 3.Self failure diagnosis,clear failure display.

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