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Cellophane Overwrapping Machine/Perfume Box Film Cellophane Wrapping Machine

  • high speed perfume box cellophane wrapping machine - cankey ...

    High Speed Perfume Box Cellophane Wrapping Machine - Cankey ...

    CachedThe perfume box wrapping machine is a device for 3D wrapping of boxes of different specifications with cellophane or BOPP film. This cellophane wrapping machine is widely used in the single box automatic packaging of various box-type items in cigarettes, medicines, condoms, health products, cosmetics and other industries. Max.package size: (L)240* (W)120* (H)60mmPackaging material: film and gold tear tapeModel: CK-BTB-300APacking speed: 40~80 boxes/min

  • bfb cellophane wrap machine for perfume box

    BFB Cellophane Wrap Machine for Perfume Box

    CachedThe perfume box cellophane wrapping machine platform and the contact parts of the packaged object are made of stainless steel,it conforms to the sanitary standard, and only needs to replace a small amount of parts to pack boxes of different specifications. Double servo drive model, fast speed and good stability. Max.package size: (L)240* (W)120* (H)60mmPackaging material: film and gold tear tapeModel: CKBTB-300CPacking speed: 40~80 boxes/min

  • wrapping machines - automatic cellophane overwrapping machine ...

    Wrapping Machines - Automatic Cellophane Overwrapping Machine ...

    CachedOverwrapping machine is also known as cellophane wrapping machine is majorly used for perfume carton wrapping, perfume box wrapping. Overwrapping machine is majorly used for clear film wrapping for condom box, condom cartons. Overwrapping machine is comes in category of wrapping machine for sealing of cartons.

  • cello-wrapper.comcellophane overwrapping machines -

    cello-wrapper.comCellophane Overwrapping Machines -

    CachedSpeedstar 2 Fast and precise like the Speedstar 1, this cellophane overwrapper allows you to wrap and seal larger products, just as quickly, easily and professionally. Speedwrapper Automatic & Universal cellophane overwrapper – a well engineered reliable high speed auto wrapping machine.

  • adjustable cellophane box overwrapping machine manufacturers

    Adjustable Cellophane Box Overwrapping Machine Manufacturers

    Cachedthe box overwrapping machine fixes an organic safety glass cover, with alarm function, ensure the operator is safe. the machine can be connected with cartoning machine to form a production line. About Package & Shipping: The cellophane overwrapping machine will not be affected with damp in transport with packed with PE plastic bags. Max.package size: (L)300* (W)200* (H)100mmPackaging material: film and gold tear tapeModel: CKBTB-400Packing speed: 10-25 boxes/min

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